Tips & Tools

Trade Scrolling Time for Travel Time

Try shaving 120 minutes of the time you spend this week scrolling through stuff that ultimately lends little value to your life and instead spend that time going some place cool.

Finding Scenic Routes For Your Next Road Trip [updated]

Road Trips aren’t about getting from point A to B the fastest.

96 Days of Awesomeness – Adventure Planner

Here’s a tool I created to make sure I carve out enough weekends in the coming months to satisfy my need to sleep outdoors.

Buying Bikes for Kids

Unless you’ve got a houseful of kids to pass that new bicycle down to, it makes a lot more sense to buy a quality used bike for a kid who is still growing like a weed.

Vanagon Fuel Tank + Reseal Kit Research


2015 Annual Report

Sitting down together as a family to review our Annual Report and watch the slideshow of our family’s past year’s highlights is a great way to kick off the new year.

2015 Family Camping Gift Guide

Here are some ideas for the camping/outdoorsy people on your Christmas list.

Stress: The Stowaway On Your Family Trips

When it comes to family travel, the biggest mistake most families make is looking at travel as a way to flee from the stresses of everyday life.

Don’t Sweat That Hill Yet

How I’m going to relax and try to enjoy my kids’ summer break, or: Don’t let an upcoming climb stop you from enjoying the ride.

Field Test: Mountainsmith Modular Hauler

When you’re on a road trip with kids, keeping things organized and neat but readily accessible is a constant challenge.

National Parks Access Pass

The National Park Access Pass is issued to anyone with a permanent disability and provides free or reduced cost entry to National Parks and other Federal recreation areas.

Vanagon + Sewfine Upholstery Project

As with most Vanagon-related projects, the upholstery project didn’t go entirely according to plan but as usual we came away grateful for the Vanagon community and more confident in our ability to take care of our family’s freedom vessel.

Buying a Vanagon

If you’re new to Volkswagen campers or are just starting to look for one, here is how we decided on a budget and which year, model and type best matched our family’s needs.


Resorts often fail to offer inclusive activities that can keep kids with special needs occupied while mom and dad catch a bit of rest and relaxation, so over the years we have had to come up with our own solution to make sure we all have a fun and relaxing vacation.