Still tired? More Sleep May Not Be The Answer.

Parents of kids with developmental disabilities aren’t the only ones who experience the exhausting effects of having a brain that is in a state of constant vigilance.

Trade Scrolling Time for Travel Time

Try shaving 120 minutes of the time you spend this week scrolling through stuff that ultimately lends little value to your life and instead spend that time going some place cool.

We Stood Upon Stars

Roger W Thompson’s book about fatherhood, raising boys and traveling in a Vanagon.

I went to the woods . . . to eat a sandwich

Being outdoors does not need to be yet another self-improvement project.

Teach your kids to love the outdoors. Stay home.

the best way to teach your kids an appreciation of the outdoors is for them to see you enjoying the time you spend in the outdoors.

On Being Enough

All day today you will be told that you are not enough.

Acceptably Awesome Adventure

Don’t let the epic be the enemy of the acceptably awesome.

Blackburn Rangers

Completely by accident, watching some YouTube vids with my kid helped me impart a valuable lesson about success and embracing what it is you love doing.

Stress: The Stowaway On Your Family Trips

When it comes to family travel, the biggest mistake most families make is looking at travel as a way to flee from the stresses of everyday life.

Don’t Sweat That Hill Yet